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This page provides some useful information for those intending to apply for a plot at Addison Gardens, those on the waiting list and perhaps even some established plotholders. There is endless advice on allotment growing in books and on websites and there are links to some of these elsewhere on this site. The NSALG magazine is a good source of advice and as all plotholders are members we have this magazine available in both of the communal sheds.


Some of the best advice is available from neighbouring plotholders so please do not be afraid to ask. And of course  if you ask two plotholders for advice you are likely to get three different opinions! But that's half the fun of allotmenteering.


Some plot details

Getting started

Soil Improvement and Fertilisers 

Pests and other problems and how to deal with them

What to grow


Communal Areas


There are two communal areas for plot holders to use. These are the lawns on the upper and lower fields.   The lawn on the upper field is located near the composting loo.   The lawn on the lower field is located in the secluded area in the bottom right of the field where the annual bonfire is held.


Plot holders are free to use either of these areas for picnics and BBQ’s and may invite none plot holders to join them as long as they do not cause a nuisance to plot holders. Anyone using either of the lawns should leave them in a clean and tidy state.  Please check the date with the Secretary if you want to use the BBQ